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  • How do I check the availability of tours?
    To check availability through our website, simply: 1 - Click on the BOOK NOW button of the desired tour and wait to be redirected to our booking engine; 2- It will automatically open a range of availability with month, start and end date and time of the tour, in addition to other important information about the desired tour.
  • I need to cancel a scheduled tour. How do I do?
    Just contact our call center via WhatsApp (82) 98112-5822. Remember to be aware of our cancellation policy.
  • Does Maragogi Agency provide Transfer or Transfer services?
    We do not provide these services. Node, we are an agency specialized in exclusive tours located in Maragogi – AL.
  • What forms of payment are accepted?
    Our payment methods are: credit, debit and bank deposit (transfer or pix).
  • And if I give up, what do I do?
    Before booking a tour, read the cancellation terms and conditions carefully so that we can avoid misinformation.
  • Children pay?
    Rule exclusively for the tour to the natural pools and crôas of São Bento: - Children up to 5 years old are exempt from paying. - Children from 06 years old already pay the full price of the tour. For the rest of the tours, everyone pays normally.
  • How can I become an Affiliate of Agência Maragogi?
    To become our affiliate, simply click here and follow all registration rules. After that, we will evaluate your request for possible approval and partnership. After approval, you will have access to all necessary information and ongoing support from our commercial team.
  • Is it allowed to bring food or drinks during the tour?
    Only in the categories of buggy, speedboat and crôas de São Bento tours are allowed the consumption of food and drinks. The tour of the natural pools is not allowed, because it is part of the APA Costa dos Corais, being one of the largest Areas of Environmental Preservation. We advise you to eat before or after the tour. But look, mineral water is released, ok? So stay hydrated!
  • How do I get access to Tábua da Tide?
    I'll make the link to the Tábua da Maré website available for you, ok? Suitable levels for tours such as Natural Swimming Pools and São Bento Crôas are between 0.0 to 0.6. For waterfront tours, it does not interfere unless the client has a preference for a specific level. For the famous Way of Moses, suitable levels are between 0.0 to 0.3. Access the tide table here!
  • How do I make a reservation?
    All booking and payment are made exclusively through our official website.
  • Does climate change interfere with the tours?
    Weather changes do not interfere with the performance of the tour, therefore, cancellation due to rain or bad weather, the amount will not be refunded. But if you prefer, we can reschedule the tour based on availability.
  • My payment was disapproved/cancelled, what do I do now?
    Don't worry, okay? You won't miss your experience with us! If your payment enters one of these statuses, contact our reservation center by WhatsApp (82) 98112-5822 immediately so that we can solve your doubts and you can safely make a new payment!
  • I need to reschedule my tour. What do I do?
    Have you booked an experience with us and want to reschedule? It's possible! Through our WhatsApp reservation center (82) 98112-5822, you can, subject to availability, request the rescheduling of your experience quickly and safely.
  • I made my reservation. What do I do now?
    After making your reservation, your reservation details will be sent by email automatically, with payment information and your vouchers. If you choose the "Bank Deposit" payment, the data for bank transfer or PIX will also be sent to your email. After making the payment, send your receipt to our Reservation Center (82) 98112-5822, so that we can quickly approve it. For payments via Credit or Debit, payments are automatically approved or disapproved.

Common Questions

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